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Going Somewhere?

I suppose I shall not exam the past. It would only bring sadness and regrets. Whatever I hoped to have, it vanished and I could not have it back. The living beings do not speak of the dead. I suppose … Continue reading

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My Morning Ritual

It was seven o’clock in the morning. I got up, put my bath rope on, and walked to the next room, my baby Kevin’s. I shut the door, kneeled down, opened the keepsake box and took out his engravings and … Continue reading

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The Ugly Gown

I am a hideous monster, dragging my feet, back and forth, in the recovery room. With the weight of the heart-monitoring device in the upper left pocket, the hospital gown is sliding off my left shoulder and leaves my breast … Continue reading

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Neighbor’s Grandchildren Playing

Kids’ cheering voices outside of the window wakes her up. She (in-law) walks toward the window and looks down: Neighbor’s grandchildren are visiting, five of them, playing on the deck. Their colorful hats, shorts and bathing suits are dancing under … Continue reading

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He slowly walked towards the service table, sat on the edge of the chair, grabbed a pencil, and waited. Then, he In his shaking hands, he wrote:  Lord, baby Kevin is in your hands. Then, he folded the note once and … Continue reading

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A Shovel, Please!

Fear is a bitch. A little bit of fear will energize you, and motivate you do the things you would never do in your complacent mind. When too much fear strikes, it will just paralyze you. That is where I … Continue reading

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Life After Loss (part II)

One Cucumber and Three Donut Peaches We were out of cucumbers one Sunday. We decided to work for it, by walking to the grocery store, 4 miles away. It was ambitious for someone do not walk much on the daily … Continue reading

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