Just believe

#1: Scene from the movie Finding Neverland

Scene from Finding Neverland

Boy Peter just lost her mother.  He was grieving.

“I thought she would always be here.” He asked.

“So did I.” A good friend of her mother explained. “In fact, she is.  She is on every page of your imagination.  You will always have her there, always.”

“But, why did she have to die?” He asked.

“I do not know,” the friend said. “… She went to Neverland. And you can visit her anytime you like, if you just go there yourself.”


“By believing, Peter,” The friend said. “Just believe.”

The boy looked away, tears rolling down his cheeks.

After a long pause, he labored each word, “I see her.”

#2: Scene from my life

Fall is my favorite season, beautiful color of leafs and cool sunny days.  As I walk down the path on campus, I ask, “my child, do you see what I see.  Do you like what you see?”

A voice responds back, “Yes, mommy.  I am right here, under the big maple tree, playing with the squirrels and falling leaves.  Do you not see me?”

Without looking, I say, “Yes, my child, I see you many times a day, through eyes of my heart.”


About jasmine shei

My blog is to express my journey in finding a purpose in life, after a great loss. As I wonder in the woods, I hope I will eventually find a path to a lifelong fulfillment.
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5 Responses to Just believe

  1. Beautiful! May the blessings of peace and joy be with you always! (ʃƪ˘⌣˘)


  2. So tender, Jasmine. Just like you.


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