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Just believe

#1: Scene from the movie Finding Neverland Scene from Finding Neverland Boy Peter just lost her mother.  He was grieving. “I thought she would always be here.” He asked. “So did I.” A good friend of her mother explained. “In … Continue reading

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A Golden Boy

She got up early to pack her lunch. As she putting the sandwich into the stylish black and white striped tote, she smiled.  It was her first week at a new job — A job she has been waiting for … Continue reading

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Save Myself

Jane, a close friend of mine since college, is a mother of three. Her first child is already in her teens and through her second marriage, she has two kids, a three year old and 7 month old. These days, … Continue reading

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To me, 2013 was a Shit Hits The Fan year, traumatizing and devastating. 2014 was a year of internal struggle. Do not get me wrong.  I did not get on drugs or anything.  But, I have to admit in my … Continue reading

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As I was walking to the elevator, a woman I have never met before embraced me and whispered to my ears, “Thank you for your speech, Jasmine. I lost three children… I have three beautiful children now. You will find … Continue reading

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Waiting For the Right Moment

“Oh, my baby is dead.” Too scary? “By the way, I had a child.” What does that mean? “Listen, I had a bad experience given birth.” Too vague? “Well, how shall I tell you ladies this…” Too?? I hyperventilated. My … Continue reading

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Puzzled Life

I like finishing a puzzle.  I usually start with the corners and building the wall on each side. Then, I focus on the obvious portion of the puzzle in the center, like the head of a horse, wings of a … Continue reading

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