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Neighbor’s Grandchildren Playing

Kids’ cheering voices outside of the window wakes her up. She (in-law) walks toward the window and looks down: Neighbor’s grandchildren are visiting, five of them, playing on the deck. Their colorful hats, shorts and bathing suits are dancing under … Continue reading


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Scrub, scrub, scrub I better get this house sparkling clean, The in-laws are coming; Scrub, scrub, scrub I will like their cooking and laugh at their jokes, Just do not ask me about their grandson; Scrub, scrub, scrub I will … Continue reading

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An Act Of Love

I missed a call from my mom so I called her right back. I knew it must be something of the matter since she rarely called. “I could not sleep.” Mom’s voice was weak. “What is the matter?” I asked. … Continue reading

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Where is Mrs. Pauley?

Mrs. Pauley, my neighbor, had bad knees and I became her dog walker. It was my favorite pass time and Rocky, the black lab, was my buddy. Every time I came by the house, he greeted me with his licks … Continue reading

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Lick My Rice Bowl Clean

My favorite meal is my mom’s one dish meal, pot-roasted pork chop with eggs, over rice. The pork chops are marinated overnight in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and pinch of sugar. Hot boiled eggs are browned in oil.   After pork … Continue reading

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