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A Pair of Walking Shoes

“Honey, are you ready?” He called again from the car. No response. He slammed the door open and walked into the house. In the entrance, he found her sat on the floor, staring at a pair of old walking shoes, … Continue reading

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Journey In Numbers

He, Born, 6/26/2013, Deceased, 6/27/2013. On that God forsaken day, I cut open my chest, Took out the broken heart, Locked the pieces away… 633 days, 20,000 words, 70 posts, Later I opened the locker, Held out the pieces, Sat … Continue reading

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Fail to Launch: A letter to My Child

My child Kevin, I thought this year would be less difficult than the year before, the year your unexpected departure.  I thought I would have figured out what to do with my life.  But, in truth, I failed to launch, … Continue reading

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Sacred Project

After months of anticipation, it finally arrived, the sacred project video by Stephanie Paige Cole and Pia.   It was beautifully moving! Repeatedly you hear the word “sacred”, repeatedly you see the art of “sacred” bellies.  It represents all of … Continue reading

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A survivor

I am thankful that my husband and I are together, God knows, how many times I wanted to break free and threw everything away; I am thankful that my life is filled with fleeting moments of joy, It lights up … Continue reading

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Holiday Grief

I fear of holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. I remember how hard it was for me last year, the 1st year I lost my child. While other children were dressed up cheerfully, showered with gifts and screaming for more candy … Continue reading

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Am I Ready?

Mood swings, nightmares, heartburns. Am I pregnant? Part of me wishing it were true. All the pains of missing my baby Kevin would ease up and I would be hopeful again. Part of me wishing it were not true. Mentally, … Continue reading

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Going Somewhere?

I suppose I shall not exam the past. It would only bring sadness and regrets. Whatever I hoped to have, it vanished and I could not have it back. The living beings do not speak of the dead. I suppose … Continue reading

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My Morning Ritual

It was seven o’clock in the morning. I got up, put my bath rope on, and walked to the next room, my baby Kevin’s. I shut the door, kneeled down, opened the keepsake box and took out his engravings and … Continue reading

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The Ugly Gown

I am a hideous monster, dragging my feet, back and forth, in the recovery room. With the weight of the heart-monitoring device in the upper left pocket, the hospital gown is sliding off my left shoulder and leaves my breast … Continue reading

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