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Embryo Adopton?

Randomly looking through the news feed, I came across this news below. Meet the Families Who “Adopted” Their Kids – As Embryos After going through three IVFs and knowing how some would have many surplus, I always wanted to know … Continue reading

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Back to Zero

“Mom, why does not Li’s family have any kids?” I cannot help asking mother about our neighbor when I was little. “They just do not,” Mother put it simply. “Maybe they cannot. I do not know. They sure are a … Continue reading

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I arrived early, and picked the same seat in the café and sat down.   Everything was the same, the décor, the smell. A year and an half ago, three of us gathered here for the 1st time, right after we … Continue reading

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How Far Will You Go?

Another miracle just performed — First Womb-Transplant Baby Born.  How shocking! Advancements in medicine keep challenging the Mother Nature and once again it succeeded. My heart just paused. How far will you go? ….

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A long way home

April is a magical time: days are longer; sun is shining; air is fresh. The lifeless planet is covered with colorful cherry blossoms. One cannot help but feel hopeful. I know I was, this time last year…. The plane to … Continue reading

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